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This is going to be a very exciting summer full of the most amazing talent booked for both day and night!
We’ve just announced our opening weekend and we’d love your support in letting the world know!
If you don’t have Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts, hopefully you can create them now.

Suggested Social Media Plan:

1. Announce You’re part of the Team!

Please first and foremost, announce you’ll be working with us this summer. Get creative here! Throwback pics, etc.. whatever will work best with your followers!

2. Help us announce our grand opening!

Make sure to include your contact info (email, phone, DM, etc..however you are most comfortable with people contacting you in regards to guestlist and bottle service inquiries) include the hashtag #HQ2AC and “check in” at Atlantic City.

You’ll see attached:

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4. Please RSVP to the Facebook events, and invite your friends:

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The key to our success is to work as a solid team! Please let us know if you have any questions, and we look forward to working with everyone!